Monday, September 13, 2010

EF Mass today!

I had the opportunity to attend another Extraordinary Form Mass today. My mom & I drove the 30+ miles for 9 A.M. Mass at St. Anthony of Padua parish.  The atmosphere is one of quiet prayer. The readings were for the 16th Sunday after Pentecost, and Father Edwin preached on the reading from Ephesians. He really made St. Paul come alive, someone I could relate to as a real person!  I have put in a category in the sidebar called 'spiritual reflections' and have put links there to the sites for Father's homilies and catechetical lessons. They are well worth listening to, and I invite and encourage everyone to check them out! Today's homily should be posted there by Tuesday.

Carleigh from the Octave Sphere pointed out the lighting effect. I can hardly believe that I didn't notice it right off. (and no, it isn't photoshopped) It looks like the rays are coming from the figure of Christ crucified! The other figures, on either side of the altar at floor level, are Our Lady, Mary Magdalene, and John the beloved disciple. This really emphasizes visually the fact that the Mass is the re-presentation of Calvary.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mother Teresa stamp to be released Sept. 7

A big thank-you to CatholicVote for the petition to have a postage stamp in honor of Mother Teresa! Mother Teresa stamp to be released Sept. 7

 There will also be a special Mass at the National Basilica Shrine in DC on Sunday 9/5 at 2 pm and stamp ceremony to follow.
  Be sure to express your appreciation by purchasing this special stamp!