Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Colloquium Day 3

I'm going to be posting mostly pics.  It's been a fabulous day, God was fittingly worshipped, and we do it again tomorrow.  Deo gratias!  :)
Morning solfege exercises
Fr. Cipolla keynote address
The Medium is the Message
Faure choir
Under The direction of Mr. Horst Buchholz
Solemn High Mass of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus
Extraordinary Form
Chanting the Epistle
Advanced Women's Schola
Under the direction of Mr. Jeffrey Morse
Chanting the Holy Gospel facing liturgical North,
Symbolizing the proclamation of the Good News unto the heathen
Homily, Fr. Keyes
Mr. Wilko Browers
Campra choir

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