Sunday, July 5, 2015

Colloquium - The Last Day

Colloquium group pic
All too soon, our heavenly week was ended.  Our final Mass was back in the university chapel.  With the eight scheduled choirs, plus the members of the Faure choir adding their voices to the beginning polyphony choir, our nine choirs evoked the nine Angelic Choirs of Heaven. The Mass concluded with all 210 attendees chanting the Te Deum in alternatum.

Please plan to join us next year in St. Louis!

Pope Leo XIII in stained glass

Entrance procession, OF Mass

Dcn. Ed Shaeffer chants the holy Gospel
Homily, Fr. Pasley
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When the Colloquium ended, we decided to go and visit St. Anthony chapel, which contains the largest collection of relics outside the Vatican.  However, even though the website said it would be open today, it was closed.
Instead, we visited Epiphany Church, which was having a 4th of July food festival.  This is another of many beautiful old churches in the Pittsburgh area,
Old Testament prophets in stained glass all along the wall on the epistle side.
Life size St. Vincent de Paul keeps vigil in the back of the church.
Rose window above the organ and choir loft.
Moses in the Holy of Holies
Angels in the vestibule - Puritas
and Temperantia
Pope Leo XIII was gloriously reigning when construction began on Epiphany Church
and Pope St. Pius X was gloriously reigning when it was completed.

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