Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Colloquium Day Two

After morning prayer and breakfast, all 240 colloquium attendees split off into their various chant groups.  There are seven, yes SEVEN, different chant groups this year.  Walking down the hallway past the rehearsal rooms was like passing by the rooms in the mansions of heaven;  each room producing one glorious sound after another!

Today's plenary talk was given by Dr. Mahrt, on the aesthetics of psalmody as a foundation for liturgy.

After lunch, it was time for a demo by a children's schola from Virginia, who were taught using the Ward Method, followed by our various polyphony choir practice.  There are four polyphonic choirs.  Each prepares selections for the daily sung Masses, whether ordinary or extraordinary form, in English or Latin, including the Ordinary, the Propers, and motets.

This afternoon's Mass was at the Pro-Cathedral of St. John, built in the mid-nineteenth century.  I love the acoustics in the old churches;  time to return to that architectural aesthetic!
After supper, we returned to the main ballroom on the 13th floor of our hotel for chanted Compline.

We shall do it all again tomorrow! :-)

David Cole conducts the advanced women's schola.

Dr. Mahrt

The Arch

Ward Method children's schola

Main altar and sanctuary,
ProCathedral of St. John

Angels in the architecture

Pipe organ in the loft

Prayer after Communion

Celtic cross outside the main entrance

Lots of cassocks to bee seen this week! :-)

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