Sunday, June 26, 2016

Colloquium, Last Day - Mozart!

The 2016 Colloquium drew to an end today, but not without one more spectacular Mass.  Today we were again at St. Joseph Shrine for a Solemn High Mass, with the Mozart choir singing his Sparrow Mass setting, complete with 10-piece orchestra.  Today was the feast of St. William of Naples, an 1th century saint, who is an inspiring saint for our musical work, as he was forced to leave his monastery and subsequently went on to found several more.  In his homily, Father remarked that St. William was probably pleasantly surprised that he had a solemn Mass for his feast day, since he probably had not had something that elaborate in quite a few centuries!  :)

The choir got to sing from the loft, always a treat since lofts are generally so few and far between.

Following lunch and a quick visit to st. Charles Borromeo parish and the Lewis and Clark Museum in St. Charles, MO, it was time to return home to implement what we have learned, until next year.... in Minnesota!

Mozart choir in the shrine loft

Solemn High Mass, feast of St. William

St. Charles Borromeo

Rose window, St. Charles Borromeo


  1. I had no idea lofts were rare, at least in some places. I just take them for granted. When I think about this small metropolitain area, two of the five, in the city have lofts. The two are ones that were either rebuilt or majorly renovated in the last 20-30 years

  2. The only choir lofts I have ever sung in were out of state. The two churches locally that still have them are not used, presumably due to disrepair?